Enterprise Level Internet

Velocity Online offers true enterprise level service tailored to meet the exacting standards of any business that relies on internet connectivity. Our targeted bandwidth flexibility and 24/7 service monitoring and technical support ensures that your connection is always at peak performance for your specific business needs.

Multi-Tenant Installations

From our data center in Tallahassee, we service, manage, and support apartment complexes and other multi-tenant installations from Florida to Colorado. Find out why property managers across the country are wiring their tenants to Velocity.

Velocity Means Speed.
Online Means Connected.

Since 2000, Velocity Online has delivered true enterprise level internet solutions for businesses and multi-tenant residences by honoring the key value points of mission-critical internet service: speed, reliability, and fast and accurate technical support.

Velocity Online offers guaranteed bandwidth and symmetrical upload/download speeds – all day, every day. Your business-class service doesn’t share a line with the neighbors. Your Velocity connection serves your business. Period.

Locally owned and operated, Velocity Online has no sales staff, no marketing department. Just a dedicated team of technology professionals with one mission in mind – ensuring that your business-critical internet connection never fails.

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