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velocity [vuh-los-i-tee], n.:
1) speed, swiftness; rapidity of action and reaction
2) a critical component in measuring impact

Since 2000, Tallahassee-based Velocity Online has provided true enterprise-class Internet solutions for businesses and multi-tenant residences. We deliver the key value elements of mission-critical internet service: speed, reliability, and fast and accurate technical support.

Velocity Online offers guaranteed bandwidth and symmetrical upload/download speeds – all day, every day. Your business-class service doesn’t share a line with the neighbors. Your Velocity connection serves your business. Period.

With our multi-path traffic infrastructure, your connection can survive external service interruptions that cripple most providers. We maintain dedicated fiber connections and full system co-location from our Tier 3 Data Center to two primary national datahubs – Miami and Atlanta – to ensure uninterrupted service to your business. We also boast two comprehensive power backups at our data center, with both an over-capacity propane generator and a UPS power backup.

Locally owned and operated, Velocity Online has no sales staff, no marketing department. Just a dedicated team of technology professionals with one mission in mind – ensuring that your business-critical internet connection never fails. From the data center to the corner office, every member of our team has the technical depth to resolve your questions quickly and accurately.

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