Services & Support

Our goal is to provide uninterrupted connectivity, 24/7/365. Because of our fail-safe capacity, our uptime statistics outpace industry standards. In the rare event that you experience an interruption, you can count on Velocity Online to help you get back online quickly, even if the problem is outside our technical network.

Level 3 Technical Support

At Velocity Online, your problem is our problem. We will work with you to fix any issue at no extra charge. Most enterprise-level internet providers start the meter running as soon as they answer the phone – even when the person answering is an entry-level operator who can only follow a script. With Velocity Online, expert Level 3 support is included in your basic fee.

No extra charges. Ever. Just the answers you need.


Tallahassee-based Technical Team

When you call Velocity Online, rest assured that you will talk to a Tallahassee-based support expert. We do not offshore our call center. We do not hire inexperienced operators to follow a script that leaves you more frustrated than when you picked up the phone. Our team is local and equipped with the knowledge and experience to pinpoint and correct your issue accurately quickly – no matter what the concern.


24/7 Performance Monitoring

We’re watching your network even when you’re asleep. Our around-the-clock performance monitoring means that if your internet service ever goes down, we will probably know about it before you do. By the time you realize you have a problem, we’ll be halfway to a solution, even if the issue is not part of our provided infrastructure.

That’s if we haven’t already fixed it before you even noticed.

Security / Co-Location / Backup Servers

All businesses need to take precautions to protect their data from theft and destruction. The cost and liability from lax security can destroy a business…unless you are prepared. Velocity Online offers managed hosting and security safeguards that will let you rest easy.

We also provide extensive co-location and server backup options. Natural disasters are always unexpected. If one hits your main server, are you confident that your data and systems will survive?

Let Velocity ease your mind. By creating multiple levels of disaster recovery protocols, we can guarantee that your valuable IT assets will survive any localized disaster event and be available to you with minimal downtime.


Soup to Nuts Network Design and Installation

You know your business. We know ours. Let our experts help you determine the best configuration for your mission-critical technology. We can provide everything from designing a complete new system to re-configuring your existing technology for optimum performance.

Even better: with our experience, we can help you decide critical value questions like bandwidth, speed, and equipment choices. Many providers are all too happy to sell you a maxed-out system that far exceeds your needs. We don’t want you paying for more than you need. Let us help you gain maximum value in your technology design.

Technical support is part of your basic service. No hidden fees or upcharges. Period.