Month: November 2017

Multi-Tenant  Internet Solutions

Managing a hotel or apartment complex isn’t easy. There are repairs to be made, facilities to run and maintain, and your tenants have high expectations. Like water and electricity, internet is a must for you and your tenants. This is a necessary amenity but  another thing to worry about, right next to plumbing and air conditioning.

This is where the experts at Velocity Online come in. We provide the highest quality service and support, which means your whole apartment complex or hotel stays connected to high-speed internet. If a problem does arise, we’re prepared to help over the phone that day or  send a technician on-site if that’s what it takes. All of this comes at no extra cost; you’re paying to stay connected, and we at Velocity Online respect you and your business. We know that downtime means lost revenue and unhappy clients. Whether it’s one hundred or one thousand people counting on our internet services, we can deliver.

Let’s say you’re building an apartment complex for college students. Hundreds of young adults means lots of bandwidth needs at a high speed. Downtime or slow internet will no doubt be a headache for whoever is at the front desk, and eventually the complaints will reach you. While fixing a leak or installing a new security system the last thing you want to be dealing with is slow internet. Give a call or contact us online to find out how we can make your, and your tenants lives easier. Avoid the headaches by staying connected with Velocity Online.