Month: January 2018

How Velocity Online Protects Your Business

Imagine the logistical nightmare of losing most or all of your business’s data. A recent survey found that over 40% of businesses that experience a total loss of data never recover, and 90% of them go out of business within five years. Customer data, client information, projects in development for years, essential pieces to your success. Velocity Online makes sure this never happens to you and your business by way of cloud services, server colocation, and our offsite data center.

The many ways Velocity Online helps backup and secure your data may sound like overkill, but the old saying “better safe than sorry” is especially true for your business’s data. If you don’t have servers of your own and would like to simply backup your data for protection, our cloud service is the way to go. If you’ve ever used Dropbox or Google Drive, think of a more secure version of those products made specifically with your  business in mind. We make it as easy as possible to backup all of your important data using our local servers. Have a question or concern? Just give us a call and we’ll handle it ourselves, no third-party tech support involved!

If you already have a backup with a dedicated IT team, Velocity Online is still the perfect choice for enhancing your workflow. Our colocation service allows you to store and operate your server from our secure location, equipped to keep everything online. This service is the best of both worlds: you have full control over your servers and let us worry about keeping the lights on and the doors locked tight. We are a Tier 3 data center, which means our multiple connections result in the highest available uptime!

In today’s business world, data is essential. Losing it can be catastrophic, while keeping it backed up and secure is easy with the help of Velocity Online. Why wait? Call Velocity Online to speak to our knowledgeable staff about how we can keep you connected!