Have you actually called your own business to hear what your customers are hearing? Outdated land lines can cause static that decreases your customers experience with your business. Below are three reason why you should consider switching your business phone systems to VoIP.

Before we go any further, lets define what VoIP is.

A VoIP phone is a telephone set designed specifically for use in a voice over internet protocol ( VoIP ) system by converting standard telephone audio into a digital format that can be transmitted over the Internet, and by converting incoming digital phone signals from the Internet to standard telephone audio.

1. Configuration and Installation is a breeze!

With VoIP systems, you don’t need someone to come into your office and run phone wiring throughout your entire facility. These systems are easy to install, even if you have a very limited technical background. You can be up and running quickly utilizing existing network wiring.  Hosted PBX solutions make it inexpensive and easy to add new users whenever you need without having to invest in an expensive phone system to maintain and replace. Web portals make it easy for you to add, move or change your systems configuration very conveniently.

2. FAX an Email

Even though faxes are an “older” technology, many businesses still rely upon them. VoIP systems allow for this older technology to still be utilized, but instead of getting papers coming through a fax machine, documents can show up in your email box.

3. Switching your workplace around? No Problem.

If you’re like a lot of folks, changing up the office is a normal thing. With hosted VoIP systems, your employees’ extensions can follow them wherever they go. Calls will simply be routed to anywhere in the world due to cloud-hosted VoIP phone system features.

While there are a ton of other advantages of VoIP phone systems, doesn’t it make sense to switch to a hosted VoIP system knowing about only these 3 advantages? If you would like to know more about how your business can save money and benefit from making the switch, give us a call. 850-205-4638