Utilizing a colocation center for your business has many advantages. When choosing a colocation center however, it’s important they deliver the full range of benefits associated with the service.

Always Online

A good colocation service should guarantee your data is always available. Anything less than a 100% uptime for your servers shouldn’t even be a consideration. When looking for the right data center. A colocation center utilizes multiple ISPs and WAN connections to create a stable network that remains operational through high network traffic or physical damage to the connections. Having an experienced staff is also important when updates and patches can cause network interruptions when done improperly.

No Power Outages

Traditional data centers are subject to power outages, which can ruin business. Internal IT may only function to prevent data corruption.  A good colocation data center uses uninterruptible power supplies and backup generators to keep you online and protected. A generator for your business can be expensive and impractical, but they’re an included luxury with proper colocation services.


Colocation centers are designed to keep your business running, which means many safeguards are put in place to avoid any damage to your data by way of fire, earthquake, or flooding.

Green Cooling

Data centers and internal server rooms waste a lot of energy. Valuable power could be dedicated to cooling systems and servers, but facilities not built with that in mind are incapable. Colocation centers optimize cooling and energy distribution. This means lower costs and longer operation for equipment.

Data Protection

Preventing damage to your data is a monumental task that can take a lot of time and money. Colocation centers offer both physical and digital measures to protect servers. From surveillance cameras to steel cages enclosing servers, you want the highest level of security.

Knowledgeable Staff

Leaving your data in the right hands is extremely important, but employing an IT staff is expensive. When choosing your facility, ensure the staff is qualified to handle your specific requirements.